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Character Template

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:25 pm

[b] [u]Character Info:[/u] [/b]

Name: ( You don't have to use a full name )

Alias/Nickname: ( You can have as much as you want )

Gender: ( Male or Female )

Catch phrase: ( Does your character have a catch phrase? )

Appearance: ( What does your character look like? Please describe or use a picture. )

Personality: ( Whats your character's personality? )

[b] [u]Faction:[/u] [/b]

Faction name: ( What is your faction name? If none put independant )

Faction symbol: ( Whats your factions symbol? If none, leave blank, if independant, leave blank )

Faction history: ( Whats your faction's history? If none, leave blank, is independant, leave blank )

[b] [u]Background information:[/u] [/b]

( Put most of your character's history, please put it in arcs )
Lance Coroporal ( Marines )
Lance Coroporal ( Marines )

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