Michael Hadley

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Michael Hadley

Post  Kidflyer1 on Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:38 pm

Character Info:

Name: Michael Hadley

Alias/Nickname: Spike

Gender: Male

Catch phrase: Don't Move!

Appearance: Hadley is a tall-ish brown haired person. adverage build.

Personality: Talkative , loud when he wants to be.


Faction name: The Great Alliance

Faction symbol: A Falcon surrounded by a ring of stars ( much like that of the "former" EU flag)

Faction history: The Faction was formed on the 11th on Feb 2010 , and promotes world peace useing any methods required.

Background information:

Michael Hadley was born in a village in the "former" country of the United Kingdom. He recieved training in animal physiology , chemestry , physics and IT.

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